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Statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, W. Cimoszewicz, concerning the Council of Europe decision to hold the 3rd Summit, taken on the 8th of July 2004

“Poland welcomes the decision of the Council of Europe to hold its 3rd Summit. We are honored that Poland’s invitation to host the event has been accepted and the 3rd Council of Europe Summit will take place in Warsaw on 16th-17th May 2005.

I am convinced that the meeting, expected to be the Summit of European unity, will bring an added value and will be a milestone for the European process.

The preparation of the Summit agenda and the possible action plan for the Organisation, to be adopted during the Summit, is already under way. They should outline a modern European architecture based on the co-operation with other partners, in particular the EU and the OSCE.

In its capacity as host of the Summit, Poland will make every effort to ensure the efficient organisation of the event and to help make it a success for Europe and its citizens. We would welcome the co-operation of all member states to enrich the organisation of the Summit.

Warsaw, the 9th of July 2004”