Multimedia ressources
The Summit live: over 6800 connections simultaneously for the first day
More than 6800 simultaneous connections to the Council of Europe website were recorded for the single day of 16 May. Websurfers were able to follow the proceedings at the Warsaw Summit of Heads of State and Government live. This is the first time Internet access to an international political meeting of this stature has been made generally available. As well as the record number of connections, average visiting time was exceptionally long (45 minutes). Furthermore, the webcast was also available from other institutional websites. (more ...)

Photos of the debates and the personnalities are available online during the Summit and can be downloaded in professional format on the Multimedia Portal of the Council of Europe. They are copyright free for publication with mention ©Council of Europe.
Multimedia Portal

Video Kit and CD Rom
For television journalists, a videokit is available on Beta SP format, containing archive footage of previous Summits, Poland's links with the Council of Europe, stock shots of the organisation's headquarters in Strasbourg, and interviews with its leading personalities. A CD Rom presenting information and pictures for the Summit is also available. To obtain them, please send a request to [email protected] (suite...)

Practical information TV/Radios

[Information of the Polish Authorities]

Except for the Polish public TV and radio crews (TVP, PR), no journalists will be allowed in the plenary room during the debates. During the first plenary session, accredited photographers will be allowed in for the first three minutes of the debate. In addition, photographers will be given an opportunity to take the usual “Family photo”. Both photo-opps are optional.

The Press Centre for accredited journalists will be located in the Royal Castle, Biblioteka Stanislawowska (Zamkowy Square 4). Additionally a separate TV Centre will also be set up near the Press Centre.

Other facilities:
- technical facilities necessary for media productions;
- an interview studio;
- video editing suites;
- radio studios;
- satellite broadcast facilities and special vehicles (specifications to be defined by TVP and EBU (Polish public TV and the European Broadcasting Union);

All practical information