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Launch of the first Europe-wide campaign to stop violence against women

A major Council of Europe campaign aimed at stopping domestic violence against women Europe-wide was launched at the Spanish Senate in Madrid on Monday November 27 (Plaza de la Marina Española, Madrid).

Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Council of Europe Secretary General Terry Davis were amongst dignatories at the official launch ceremony at the Spanish Senate building at 12.30 pm.

The launch took place during a conference bringing together around 300 top European experts, politicians and NGOs united in their determination to stop domestic violence against women. It focused on three themes: support and protection of victims, legal and policy measures to combat violence, and changing attitudes towards violence.

The Council of Europe was represented by Committee of Ministers Chair and San Marino Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Fiorenzo Stolfi, Parliamentary Assembly President René van der Linden, Human Rights Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg and Ian Micallef, President of the Local Authorities Chamber of the Council of Europe Congress

Speakers included ministers from different Council member countries and representatives from international organisations and the Spanish Senate.

Ian Micallef: ''Territorial authorities are on the frontline of dealing with domestic violence''
''Local and regional elected representatives, their police officers, social workers and administrative employees are on the frontline of dealing with domestic violence and its repercussions on women and children, who are the most likely victims,'' stressed Ian Micallef, President of the Chamber of Local Authorities.

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