Congress adopts a Recommendation on the local elections in Georgia [15/10/2014]
The Congress debated on 14 October, a report and a Recommendation on the local elections held in Georgia on 15 June 2014. Jos Wienen (Netherlands, EPP/CCE), Congress rapporteur, welcomed the generally calm and peaceful manner in which the vote had been conducted, which constitutes another important step in strengthening Georgia’s democracy, in particular, at the local level. “This was not to be taken for granted after a very controversial electoral campaign including harsh rhetoric and violent actions,” he underlined. “Georgia’s potential to organise future elections in a genuinely democratic manner stands and falls with the maturity and responsibility of the political actors. A zero-tolerance policy towards electoral violence and degrading or hateful discourse has to be conceived with a view to the next elections” Jos Wienen added. The Congress recommended further improvements concerning: a more balanced composition of electoral commissions; the nomination of independent candidates and counting procedures.  
Council of Europe Congress elects new leadership [15/10/2014]
The Congress has a renewed leadership voted in at its 27th Session. The term of office for leadership positions is 2 years.  
Fikrat Mammadov, Minister of Justice, presents recent developments of local democracy in Azerbaijan [15/10/2014]
''Congresss monitoring missions and recommendations have been helpful in terms of identification of areas which could be further improved regarding local governance in Azerbaijan'', stated Fikrat Mammadov, Minister of Justice of Azerbaijan, adressing the 27th Session. He underlined, in particular, the key role of the newly adopted law On Public Participation in development of democratic institutions. ''This very law provides for closer interaction between the public and municipalities as well as for ensuring openness and transparency of their activity,'' he explained. ''Moreover, taking into account the key role of municipal associations in terms of promotion of local democracy, coordination and organization of municipal activities we managed to create national associations of municipalities,'' he added. M. Mammadov also underlined as a positive trend the engagement of youth which increased significantly and reached almost 30% in the last elections. ''Local and regional authorities have a crucial role to play in supporting young people in becoming fulfilled and responsible citizens. This role is a vital task if we are to ensure the sustainability and quality of civic and professional life for future generations,'' he said.  
[15/10/2014]  Promoting diversity through intercultural education and communication strategies
[15/10/2014]  Debate within the Chamber of Regions: ''Corruption corrodes democracy''
[15/10/2014]  The Congress adopts a Recommendation on the observation of pre-term local elections in Ukraine
[15/10/2014]  Congress adopts a Recommendation after first-ever observation of local elections in the Netherlands
[15/10/2014]  Leyla Güven: ''The fact that Turkey has ratified the European Charter of Local Self-government is of crucial importance to Turkish local authorities''
[14/10/2014]  Pointers for overcoming obstacles to inter-regional cooperation in Europe
[14/10/2014]  Promoting equal opportunities for people with disabilities and their participation in local and regional life
[14/10/2014]  Jean-Claude Frécon elected President of the Congress
[14/10/2014]  Greater decentralisation and more democracy at the grassroots is what Europe needs today, says Herwig van Staa
[09/10/2014]  Local and regional democracy, separatist tensions and youth participation among the highlights of the 27th Session
[13/10/2014]  European Local Democracy Week 2014 ‘Participatory democracy: sharing, proposing, deciding’
[13/10/2014]  The Alliance and ROMACT identify reinforcing political will and building administrative capacities for Roma inclusion at local and regional level as essential to a successful integration of Roma
[13/10/2014]  Herwig van Staa : ''It is time for our democracies to incorporate the local and regional dimension in our constitutions''

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