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"Who's who" is a database containing full information about the members of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe and about the composition of the Congress’ structures. Each Congress member has his or her own personal account, as have delegation secretaries and national associations. You can use this account to look at or alter your own data and your password.
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Every member of the Congress belongs to his or her own country's national delegation. The delegation secretary provides support and technical guidance to help members to participate in the activities of the Congress (Sessions, committee meetings, conferences, working groups, and election observation missions, etc). He or she is available to help and advise members on technical and organisational matters, rules and even political questions.
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Congress newsletter

Congress regularly publishes an electronic newsletter to inform its members on its current activities. To register and receive the newsletter, simply complete the form below.
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The state of the Congress

The State of the Congress is an annual publication, available in French and in English, which presents the activities of the Congress, in particular Session debates, information on the work of the committees, observation of local and regional elections, Congress action in the field, as well as Congress co-operation with its partners.
The state of the Congress

Your login and password are automatically sent to the email address that you indicated when you registered as member of the Congress. Should you have any problems to access you personal accounts or restricted access, please contact the Table office Division of Communication.

Email / Tél. + 33 3 88 41 31 94

Prior to Congress Sessions or meetings, Representatives and Substitutes can use a dedicated interface to register on the "Who’s who" homepage. Registration is possible for approximately two months before each Session begins and one month before meetings.


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