ELDW 2012 Edition, Statistics


“Human rights make for more inclusive communities” was chosen as the leading theme of the 2012 edition of the European Local Democracy Week (ELDW) during the coordination meeting which was held in Paris on 19 January 2012.
Human rights are an integral part of democracy and many of those rights and freedoms are implemented at local level, as it is also the case with social and civil rights. They include protection and respect for elderly and disadvantaged people, children, minority groups as well as the access to public services and freedom of assembly.
The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities has decided to engage local authorities to play their role in ensuring that this concept becomes the foundation of a modern and cohesive community.
This was the sixth edition of the European Local Democracy Week.

Local authorities: 142 partners from 29 countries participated in the ELDW.
A total of 338 activities and events were organized by towns, cities, regions, national and
international associations, youth councils, NGOs, and various partners.

Countries: 27 Council of Europe member states participated in this initiative. Some of the countries registered for the first time (Morocco, Tunisia, Lithuania, Ireland, Hungary, and Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Population: The ELDW 2012 reached a total audience of 24 198 494 citizens.

To consult the report and the evaluation of ELDW 2012 and to know all the events organized by the cities: Edition 2012: concept, engagement, events by country
« 12-Star Cities 2012»
In total, 18 municipalities were qualified as “12-Star Cities”. They were: Metz and Strasbourg (France), Brussels (Belgium), Chania and Festos (Greece), Reggio Calabria Province and Mola di Bari (Italy), Utrecht (Netherlands), Katowice (Poland), Amadora (Portugal), Candelaria and Malaga (Spain), Sunbyberg, Örebro and Huddinge (Sweden), Büyükçekmece and Lüleburgaz (Turkey).