Edition 2010

“The impact of sustainable communities in fighting climate change” was chosen as the main issue of the ELDW 2010 edition. The Congress’ idea was to highlight that local communities can play a major role in tackling crucial challenges related to climate change at local level, while world powers are still trying to broker a deal.

2010 ELDW - Statistics

Local Authorities: 115 municipalities took part in ELDW 2010. Medium sized towns and cities took part in the ELDW: among them 50 municipalities with a population of more than 100.000 inhabitants.
Countries: Municipalities from 24 Council of Europe member states took part in the ELDW 2010.
: The overall population represented by the participant municipalities of the ELDW 2010 reached 23.700.000 million people.


« 12 Star Cities 2010»

In total, 17 municipalities which qualified as “12 Star City”. They represent 12 European countries, spanning from Belgium to Greece and from Portugal to Turkey.
They include Aix-en-Provence, Paris and Strasbourg from France, Amadora from Portugal, Antalya and Mugla from Turkey, Belgrade from Serbia, Brussels and Liège from Belgium, Candelaria from Spain, Ierapetra from United Kingdom, Katowice from Poland, Lausanne from Switzerland, Mola di Bari and Unione Terre di Po from Italy, Odessa from Ukraine and Tbilisi from Georgia.

Edition 2014

The ELDW theme for 2014 will be adopted during the 26th Congress Session (25-27 March 2014). Registration to the ELDW will be available after this date.


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