Municipal Elections in Yerevan (Armenia)
31 May 2009

A pre-electoral mission of the Congress was carried out from 3 to 6 May. The three-member delegation – Congress Vice-President Fabio Pellegrini (Italy, SOC), Michel Guégan (France, NR) and Nigel Mermagen (UK, ILDG) – met with government and city officials, candidates from most of the political factions, as well as with NGO representatives and the media. In addition, the delegation met a group of Ambassadors of European and non-European countries.

Congress mission assesses pre-electoral situation in Armenia

06.05.2009 - ''Despite the concerns raised during our mission, we are confident that the Armenian authorities will do their utmost to conduct these elections in line with European standards,'' concluded Congress observer Michel Guégan (France, NR) at the end of the visit carried out from 3 to 6 May in view of the first municipal elections in Yerevan, on 31 May. The three-member delegation was alerted to possible irregularities, in particular with respect to the registration and mobilisation of voters, the counting of votes, and media objectivity in the campaign. It also had the impression that the institutional and political role of the Mayor was in danger of being sidelined by a harsh confrontation between parties in power and the opposition. Photo: The 3 member Congress delegation: (from left to right) Fabio Pellegrini, Michel Guégan and Nigel Mermagen (more ...)

Congress pre-electoral mission to Armenia meets opposition parties
05.05.2009 - The Congress delegation continued its pre-electoral visit in Yerevan, on 5 May, by meeting representatives of the major opposition groups, not sitting in Parliament: the Armenian National Congress (HAK) and Artsvik Minasyan, candidate of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF). Both representatives reported of the use of questionable methods in the organisation of the elections and expressed worries about possible threats to a proper conduct during election day. The delegation also met a group of 11 Ambassadors of European and non-European countries. They stressed the crucial role of these elections for the future of the country and expressed their support to the observation mission of the Congress. (more ...)

Congress pre-electoral mission to Armenia meets with Vice-Prime Minister Armen Gevorgyan
04.05.2009 – On the first day of their visit, the Congress pre-electoral mission to Armenia met with Armen Gevorgyan, Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Territorial Administration. He stressed that the first elections to the City Council of Yerevan, scheduled for 31 May, play a crucial role in the political development of the country and can serve as an example for other municipalities in Armenia. “These elections, which are the result of a long and intensive cooperation with the Congress, are an important step towards strengthening local democracy, also because Yerevan represents one third of the Armenian population,” he said. (more...)
Photo: The delegation meeting Armen Gevorgyan (centre): (from left to right) Michel Guégan, Nigel Mermagen, Antonella Cagnolati and Fabio Pellegrini


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