Municipal Elections in Yerevan (Armenia)
31 May 2009

The elections for the City Council in Yerevan was the first to be held since the amendments to the Armenian Constitution of 2005. These amendments gave Yerevan the status of a “community”, providing for the election of the City Council and – as a consequence - of the Mayor, who was previously appointed by the Government.

A delegation of the Congress, headed by Nigel Mermagen, (UK, ILDG), observed these elections.

Congress report and recommendation
Congress report urges Armenia to achieve a higher standard of electoral ethics
16.10.2009 - The first municipal elections of Yerevan on 31 May 2009 were at the centre of a debate in the Chamber of Local Authorities on 15 October. Nigel Mermagen (UK, ILDG), who was head of the Congress election observation delegation and Rapporteur, pointed out that both the pre-election mission and the observation as such took place under difficult conditions. (more...)
Video of the debate (original language) English version
Recommendation 277(2009)

Congress mission welcomes first election of the Yerevan mayor and calls for a better democratic culture in Armeniaa

02.06.2009 - ''Our satisfaction in seeing the citizens electing their city council has been tempered by deficiencies in the conduct of the vote'', said the head of the Congress observation delegation to Yerevan, Nigel Mermagen (UK, ILDG). The delegation welcomed the fact that by these elections, Armenia proceeded on its way to implement local democracy. Nevertheless, it found that the political actors in Armenia should change attitude and behaviour so that the practical conduct of elections, as well as the democratic culture of the country could further improve in the future. The Congress was the only international observer which monitored the municipal elections on 31 May in Yerevan. Photo: A rally during the electoral campaign in Yerevan (more ...)

Congress delegation concerned about lawfulness of elections in Yerevan
29.05.2009 - After several meetings with government officials, election candidates and the media, the Congress mission monitoring the elections in Yerevan (Armenia), scheduled for 31 May, has expressed deep concern over various, repeated reports of irregularities, and in particular intimidation tactics during the election campaign. The delegation has accordingly requested, on 29 May, a further meeting with Armen Gevorgyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Territorial Development, and Garegin Azaryan, Chair of the Central Electoral Commission, to scrutinise the situation and the lawfulness of the electoral procedures. (more ...)
Photo: Round table with media representatives, on 29 May
Congress begins its election observation mission in Armenia
28.05.2009 - The Congress’ mission to observe the first-ever mayoral elections in Yerevan (Armenia) began its visit on 28 May by meeting Vice-Prime Minister and Minister for Territorial Development Armen Gevorgyan, Head of the Central Electoral Commission Garegin Azaryan, former President of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan and the only woman candidate Heghine Bisharyan. The delegation also held a round table discussion with representatives of parties that nominated election candidates. All parties stressed the necessity for these elections to be free and fair and to offer a real choice for voters. Issues raised during discussions included the importance of objective media coverage of the political diversity during the election campaign and of the opposition’s participation, the role of women in the election process, and alleged incidents of irregularities and intimidation.
Photo: Congress delegation meeting Armen Gevorgyan (right)

Congress pre-electoral mission

A pre-electoral mission of the Congress was carried out from 3 to 6 May. The three-member delegation – Congress Vice-President Fabio Pellegrini (Italy, SOC), Michel Guégan (France, NR) and Nigel Mermagen (UK, ILDG) – met with government and city officials, candidates from most of the political factions, as well as with NGO representatives and the media. In addition, the delegation met a group of Ambassadors of European and non-European countries. (more ...)
Photo: The 3 member Congress delegation: (from left to right) Fabio Pellegrini, Michel Guégan and Nigel Mermagen

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