Austrian chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers and grassroots democracy

Armenia has handed over the Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe to Austria during a meeting held on 14 November 2013 in Strasbourg. ''The Congress is pleased to see that the quality of democracy and governance at the grassroots level continues to figure on the agenda of the Austrian Chairmanship, after those of Andorra and Armenia,' said Jean- Claude Frécon, President of the Chamber of Local Authorities of the Congress. The priorities presented by Austria emphasize the role of the Congress as a “political assembly which promotes and strengthens local and regional democracy, inter-territorial and cross-border co-operation, as well as active citizenship and social inclusion in towns and regions. The commitment of elected representatives to ethical conduct and the fight against corruption at local and regional level are of topical interest in this respect.''


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Congress Secretary General Kiefer receives delegation of the Landtag of Salzburg [16/04/2014]
On 14-15 April 2014, Congress Secretary General Andreas Kiefer received a delegation of the Landtag (regional parliament) of Salzburg, which was visiting the Council of Europe and the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The delegation, led by Brigitta Pallauf, President of the Landtag and Gudrun Mosler-Törnström, Vice-president of the Landtag and Head of the Austrian Congress Delegation, included other members of the regional parliament, such as Helmut Naderer and Lukas Essl, speaker and vice-speaker of Austrian Parliamentary Groups. During the two-day visit, the delegation also met with Rudolf Lennkh, Austrian Ambassador to the Council of Europe and the current Chairman of the Committee of Ministers’ Deputies, Elisabeth Steiner, judge at the European Court of Human Rights, representatives of the Congress, the Venice Commission, the Group of States Against Corruption (GRECO), the Human Rights Commissioner’s office, as well as with Paul Rübig, MEP, and Austrian Trade Commissioner Christoph Grabmayr. 
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Delegation of Austria

The Austrian delegation to the Congress comprises 6 representatives and 6 substitutes. The head of the delegation is Mrs Gudrun Mosler-Törnström.
Austrian delegation

"Question/answers" brochure provides information on the political priorities, issues and events related to Austria's chairmanship, in particular of interest for th Congress.

Media booklet accompanying the DVD "Council of Europe - European integration" produced on the occasion of the Austrian Chairmanship
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Video "Council of Europe" (German)
Texts adopted by the Congress

Local democracy in Austria
Recommendation 302 (2011)
Report CG(20)8 (2011)

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