Albanian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers and territorial democracy

Meeting of the Congress Bureau in Tirana on 14 June 2012By placing the furtherance of local and regional democracy among the priorities of its Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers (May-November 2012), Albania highlights the importance of the local dimension for strengthening democracy in general and bringing the country closer to the rest of Europe. “Visible and close to the citizens, local democracy also allows better management of local public needs,” says Ferdinand Poni, Albanian Deputy Minister of the Interior in charge of local government. The programme on local democracy devised by Albania, with the active participation of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, is a concrete illustration of the country’s interest in this sector, and is built around several conferences and events. (more...)

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[24/03/2016]  Congress examines a report on fact-finding mission to Albania
[22/03/2016]  Albanian President Bujar Nishani meets the President of the Congress: “I will be a strong voice in supporting and promoting the Congress’s recommendations in Albania”
[16/03/2016]  30th Session of the Congress to focus on ethics, transparency and intercultural dialogue
[24/02/2016]  Congress fact-finding mission to Albania
[27/11/2015]  The Latvian example inspires Albanian Mayors and their associations

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Calendar of events
14 June 2012 1. Congress Bureau meetings - Tirana, Albania
27 July 2012 Conference ''The state of regionalisation in Albania: progress and challenges'' - Tirana, Albania
3-6 September 2012 Cross-sectoral seminar "Promotion of human rights at local level"
3-4 September 2012 Exchange on interreligious dialogue - Durres, Albania
21 September 2012 Séminaire "Coopération multi-niveaux pour surmonter les obstacles dans la coopération transfrontière" - Tirana, Albania
5 October 2012 Seminar "Multi-level cooperation to overcome obstacles in transfrontier cooperation" - Tirana, Albania
30-31 October 2012 Strengthening citizens’ democratic participation: seminar to mark the opening of European Local Democracy Week activities - Tirana, Albania

Documents "Albania: Activities and texts of the Congress"



Albania has 4 seats within the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe - 4 representatives and 4 substitutes. A new delegation will be designated during the 23rd Session of the Congress, in October 2012.

Publication - Reference texts on the situation of local and regional democracy in AlbaniaDownload the publication "Situation of local and regional democracy in Albania" which presents the reference texts available in albanian version, as well as Congress adopted texts - PDF 96 pages