Sharing good practices to foster Roma integration

Strasbourg, 08/04/11  – Good practices for protecting and promoting human rights highlight positive developments in human rights work. Examples of such practices developed in member states raise awareness of tested solutions to human rights problems and can also serve as a source of inspiration to other countries. For this reason, the Commissioner launches today a new page on his website which will host contributions sent by member states.

On the occasion of the Roma day, three first descriptions of good practice are made available, relating to the protection of the human rights of Roma in Finland, Slovenia and Spain. “In many European countries the Roma population is still denied basic human rights. They remain far behind the majority populations in education, employment, housing and health standards and have virtually no political representation. Sharing good practices on Roma integration among member states is a first step which could break this vicious cycle” said the Commissioner.

The descriptions provide concise information on the activity and the human rights issues at stake, evaluations carried out as well as conclusions for inspiring similar initiatives elsewhere. More examples on other human rights topics will be uploaded progressively.

More information on the Commissioner’s work on the protection and promotion of the human rights of Roma and Travellers is available on his thematic page.

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