Viewpoints on human rights of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers

Viewpoints published in 2010

European migration policies discriminate against Roma people (22.02.10)

Viewpoints published in 2009

Many Roma in Europe are stateless and live outside social protection (06.07.09)

Viewpoints published in 2008

It is wrong to criminalize migration (29.09.08)

Persons displaced during conflicts have the right to return (15.09.08)

Refugees must be able to reunite with their family members (04.08.08)

No one should have to be stateless in today’s Europe (09.06.08)

States should not impose penalties on arriving asylum-seekers (17.03.08)

Viewpoints published in 2007

The new European migration policy should be based on human rights principles, not xenophobia (17.12.07)

Children in migration should get better protection (06/08/07)

Viewpoints published in 2006

Seeking asylum is a human right, not a crime (30.10.06)

Migrants should not be denied their human rights (30.05.06)

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