Human Rights Comments on immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers

Human Rights Comments published in 2011

The right to leave one’s country should be applied without discrimination, (22.11.2011)

Methods for assessing the age of migrant children must be improved, (09.08.2011)

Several hundred thousand people in Europe are stateless – they need extra protection, (02.08.2011) 

African migrants are drowning in the Mediterranean (08.06.2011)

Migrant children should not be detained (08.02.2011)

Restrictive laws prevent families from reuniting  (02.02.2011)

Human Rights Comments published in 2010

Europe should accept more refugees in need of safe resettlement (23.11.2010)

Airlines are not immigration authorities (12.10.2010)

The ‘Dublin Regulation’ undermines refugee rights (22.09.2010)

Refugee children should have a genuine chance to seek asylum (24.08.2010)

Children victimised when families are forced to return to Kosovo (09.07.2010)

European states must respect Strasbourg Court’s orders to halt deportations (25.06.2010)

European states should respect advice by UNHCR (16.06.2010)

Children coming alone as migrants should not be automatically returned (20.04.2010)

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