Viewpoints on Children's Rights

Viewpoints published in 2009

Society has an obligation to support abandoned children and offer them a positive home environment – also when budget resources are limited (28.12.09)

Realising children’s rights requires more than rhetoric – systematic and concrete actions are now needed (16.11.09)

Children should not be treated as criminals (02.02.09)

Viewpoints published in 2008

The key to the promotion of Roma rights: early and inclusive education (31.03.08)

Europe is moving towards a total ban of domestic violence against children (21.01.08)

Viewpoints published in 2007

Listen seriously to the views of children (19.11.07)

Children in migration should get better protection (06/08/07)

Europe is not free from child poverty – concrete action is needed (09/07/07)

It is wrong to punish the child victims (08/01/07)

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