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Council of Europe Programme and Budget

Programme and Budget

CM(2016)1 Programme and Budget 2016-2017

Previous years:
- CM(2015)130 Draft Programme and Budget 2016-2017
- CM(2015)1 adjusted Programme and Budget 2014-2015
- CM(2014)1 Programme and Budget 2014-2015
- List of Programme Coordinators 2014-2015
- CM(2013)1 Programme and Budget 2012-2013
- CM(2012)1 Programme and Budget 2012-2013

Joint Programmes
- Presentation
- Active Joint Programmes
- Active Joint Programmes by theme
- Latest summary table of Joint Programmes

Voluntary Contributions
- Database
- Latest voluntary contributions requirements and extrabudgetary contributions credited to the Council of Europe's bank accounts

Useful links
- Budget Committee website
- Office of the Directorate General of Programmes website
- Programme and Budget website
- Previous Budget meetings of the Ministers’ Deputies
- Financial and administrative matters (see Chapter X)
- Financial Regulations and Supplementary Provisions
- Rapporteur Group on Programme, Budget and Administration (GR-PBA)