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Council of Europe Programme and Budget

Programme and Budget
- CM(2015)1 Programme and Budget 2014-2015
- List of Programme Coordinators 2014-2015
- Presentation of the Programme and Budget format
- Presentation of the biennial Programme and Budget

Previous years:
CM(2014)1 Programme and Budget 2014-2015
CM(2013)1 Programme and Budget 2012-2013
CM(2012)1 Programme and Budget 2012-2013
CM(2011)1 Programme and Budget 2011
CM(2010)2 Programme of Activities for 2010
CM(2009)2 Programme of Activities for 2009
CM(2008)2 Programme of Activities for 2008
CM(2007)4 Programme of Activities for 2007
CM(2006)15 Programme of Activities for 2006
CM(2005)14 Programme of Activities for 2005
CM(2004)10 Programme of Activities for 2004
DSP(2003)1 Programme of Activities for 2003
DSP(2002)1 Programme of Activities for 2002
DSP(2001)4 Programme of Activities for 2001

Joint Programmes
- Presentation
- Active Joint Programmes
- Active Joint Programmes by theme
- Latest summary table of Joint Programmes

Voluntary Contributions
- Database
- Latest voluntary contributions requirements and extrabudgetary contributions credited to the Council of Europe's bank accounts

Useful links
- Budget Committee website
- Office of the Directorate General of Programmes website
- Programme and Budget website
- Previous Budget meetings of the Ministers’ Deputies
- Financial and administrative matters (see Chapter X)
- Financial Regulations and Supplementary Provisions
- Rapporteur Group on Programme, Budget and Administration (GR-PBA)