1205th meeting of the Ministers' Deputies (9 July 2014)
[09/07/2014] At their 1205th meeting, the Ministers' Deputies adopted the Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions and decided to open it for signature at the 13th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Sport, which will take place in Magglingen (Switzerland) on 18 September 2014. The purpose of this Convention is to prevent, detect, punish and discipline the manipulation of sports competitions, as well as enhance the exchange of information and national and international cooperation between the public authorities concerned, and with sports organisations and sports betting operators.
The Deputies also adopted the Council of Europe Convention against Trafficking in Human Organs, which aims to make trafficking in human organs for transplant a criminal offence, to protect victims and to facilitate cooperation at national and international levels in order to prosecute more effectively those responsible for trafficking.
In addition, the Deputies adopted a Statement on the prohibition of any form of commercialisation of human organs.
Finally, the Deputies had an exchange of views with Mr Christian Ahlund, Chair of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI).
The meeting agenda and the decisions adopted by the Committee of Ministers appear in the meeting file.