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E-voting, Lochau (Austria) 28 October 2014

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The Council of Europe continues to be the only organisation in Europe able to set intergovernmental standards in the field of e-voting. The Recommendation Rec(2004)11 on legal, operational and technical standards for e-voting remains the only source of reference on the subject, and is even used in national jurisprudence, as well as by other relevant international actors. In this context, the fifth review-meeting on the Recommendation has been scheduled to be held in Lochau (Austria) on October 28. The meeting will be aimed at taking stock of the latest developments in its implementation and practice by election authorities in Member States. (more...)



The women featured in this video are member of Georgian municipality councils who won seats during the 2014 local self-government elections. These female candidates are participants in the project "Capacity Development of Female Candidates and Elected Officials in Georgia—2014 Local Elections," implemented by EMC and made possible with the support of the Swiss Confederation and the Council of Europe.