Mr Rainer ADAM, Germany, Regional Director for Central, East and Southeast Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

A man who remembers his childhood fun and effective learning experiences through interactive-participation, he knew what was missing in the civic education classrooms in Thailand and why most youngsters had no interest in politics. This was how SIM Democracy came into existence.  He strongly believes that an interactive-learning tool can encourage young people to view the world through a democratic-political involvements spectrum.  Since 2008, he was a Regional Director for Southeast and East Asia of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) Bangkok, Thailand. He holds a PhD degree from Bonn University, Germany.

Mr Samiuddin AHMED, Bangladesh, Head of Research and Development at ActionAid Bangladesh

Sami is a young professional at ActionAid Bangladesh and leads the organisation’s research and development efforts concerning youth. He is also heavily involved with Activista Bangladesh – ActionAid Bangladesh’s national youth network. Sami has experience in coordinating young people’s activities on the ground and linking them up with national level efforts. He is currently engaged in mainstreaming youth across various issues, undertaking policy research and looking into the Post-2015 process from a Bangladeshi youth’s perspective.


Ms Daniele AMARAL, Brazil, Journalist and Coordinator of Vote on the Web

Daniele Amaral is a Brazilian journalist working at Webcitizen, a company that develops internet projects in the area of social mobilization and e-government data. She is the  coordinator of the citizen engagement site, Vote on the Web, and her job is to encourage young people to participate actively in politics on the internet and at the same time show lawmakers how they can do their job following the demands of the population.


Ms Karin ASTEGGER, Austria, Board member of the European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities

Ms Suruchi AULAKH, India, Senior Advisor of Blue Ribbon Movement

Suruchi Aulakh is a Senior Advisor of Blue Ribbon Movement. She facilitates workshops for the organisation using theatre-based techniques and is an accomplished artist and trainer with an experience of 2 decades in the area.

Mr Diego ÁVILA DA SILVA, Brazil, Lawyer of Vote on the Web

Diego Silva is Bachelor in law whit specialization in civil law and civil procedural law. He is a volunteer in Vote on the Web website, and his job is to resume and simplify the texts of the bills to help Brazilian citizens understand the true goals of the bills and thus contributing to reduce the distance between citizens and politicians.

Mr Julian BARLEN, Germany, Project Manager and Co-founder of "Stork Heinar", Member of the Parliament of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Julian Barlen is a Hotel Manager and graduate economist from Germany. He is spokesperson for the Social Democrats on public health policies, aging society and anti-extremist initiatives in the Land parliament of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. As a co-founder and today’s voluntary project manager of the satirical anti-Nazi project „Stork Heinar“ he aims to contribute to attracting, inspiring and developing democratic participation – especially among younger people – by giving up-to-date information about current neo-Nazi strategies and offering low-threshold possibilities for taking a democratic attitude.

Ms Gabriella BATTAINI-DRAGONI, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe

Ms Battaini-Dragoni was elected to the post of Deputy Secretary General in June 2012. In 2011, the Secretary General appointed her Director General of Programmes, responsible for overseeing the bi-annual programme of intergovernmental activities and for coordinating all monitoring, standard-setting and cooperation activities on human rights, democracy and the rule of law. Since 2005 she has coordinated the Council of Europe's projects on intercultural dialogue, preparing the "White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue", the first document of its kind to be adopted at international level. Ms Battaini-Dragoni has published widely on a variety of social and educational policy topics in both Anglophone and Francophone academic journals and international publications.

Ms Kiran BEDI, India, Founder of India Vision Foundation and former advisor to the UN Secretary General on Peace Keeping Operations

Kiran Bedi was the first woman to join the officer ranks of the Indian Police Service. She holds a degree in Law and worked with the UN Secretary General on Peace Keeping Operations. She is a Nehru Fellow, author of several books, and she anchors TV and radio shows. Kiran Bedi runs two non-profit organisations which reach out to thousands of marginalised people in rural and urban areas for education and self-reliance. She was voted as most admired (The Week)and most trusted woman (Readers Digest)in India.


Ms Ons BEN ALBEDLKARIM, Tunisia, Secretary General of Al Bawsala

Ons is a 25 years-old engineer. She graduated from the French Engineering School Télécom Sud Paris (formerly Télécom INT) and has worked as a consultant for a security and risk management consulting firm in France before returning to Tunisia in 2013 where she joined Al Bawsala. Ons is currently the Secretary General of Al Bawsala, a Public Policy and Accountability NGO working on promoting human rights in Tunisia. Through its project (monitor in arabic), Al Bawsala monitors the work of the parliament, the state budget and municipalities, using new technologies to make the information collected accessible to citizens.Al Bawsala is considered in Tunisia as one of the most powerful NGOs. The organisation has won in 2012 the OpenGov award for transparency and in 2013 the World Summit Award for its parliament watchdog

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