29 November from 9.30 to 11.30 - Room 3 - Palais de l'Europe

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Sponsored by the INGO Conference of the Council of Europe


Giving citizens the initiative and control over policies reverses the traditional model of policy-making – what are the results of wikicity experiments so far, as well as challenges encountered?

PortoAlegre wikicity, Brasil

PortoAlegre.cc is based on the concept of wikicity, designed to provide visibility for causes created by the population, promoting stronger citizenship, social commitment and shared responsibility. The platform's operation is based on the methodology of social intelligence, formed by four axes: Culture of Citizenship, Ethics of Care, Shared responsibility and Civic Engagement. Through these joint axes, the team responsible for PortoAlegre.cc mobilises face-to-face and digital actions through social networks, volunteers' meetings and events.

Website: http://www.portoalegre.cc/

Video: http://player.vimeo.com/video/65508559 Vi 


Mr Daniel DE ANDRADE BITTENCOURT, Brasil, Co-founder of Lung

Daniel Bittencourt is the co-founder of Lung, a startup that helps empowering people and civic engagement to transforme cities and territories. The company created the framework Wikicidade which supports governments, society and companies to change the reality of the people. In 2010, Bittencourt was one of the co-creators of Redenção.cc, a collaborative project created on the platform Creative Commons that sought to save the affective memory of Porto Alegre on their most beloved park, Redemption. The project grew and made possible the creation of the first wikicidade world, PortoAlegre.cc.


Ms Maria Clara JOBST DE AQUINO BITTENCOURT, Brasil, Content Manager of PortoAlegre.cc

Maria Clara Jobst de Aquino Bittencourt works at Lung as content manager for PortoAlegre.cc. She holds a Postdoc in Communications and works as a teacher and researcher. Her research focuses mainly on social movements and spreadable media.


Discussants are invited to make critical comments during the lab on the impact, transferrability, sustainability and risk of the initiative.

Ms Anne-Marie CHAVANON, Chair of the Democracy, Social Cohesion and Global Challenges Committee of the INGO Conference 

Anne-Marie Chavanon chairs the committee on Democracy, Social cohesion and Global Challenges of the Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe, which brings together some 210 NGOs. She represents the International Federation for  Housing and Planning (IFHP) at the Council of Europe, an international NGO  bringing together all stakeholders of territorial democracy. She has served in key levels of governance in France (ministries, parliament, local and regional authorities) which gave her the experience and passion to establish a dialogue between governments and the governed, between politicians and citizens.

Mr William ECHIKSON, Head of Communications and Public Affairs for Free Expression in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Google

William Echikson is Google's Head of Communications and Public Affairs for Free Expression in Europe, Middle East and Africa. In that role, he is responsible for leading the company's issues in the region concerning issues ranging from the Right to be Forgotten to the government surveillance. Before joining Google in 2008, William worked as foreign correspondent in Europe for a series of US publications including the Christian Science Monitor, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and BusinessWeek.  From 2001 until 2007, he managed the Brussels bureau for Dow Jones as bureau chief.

Mr Philippe C. SCHMITTER, USA, Emeritus Professor at the European University Institute Florence 

Since 1967 Philippe Schmitter has been successively assistant professor, associate professor and professor in the Politics Department of the University of Chicago, then at the European University Institute (1982-86) and at Stanford (1986-96). His current work is on the political characteristics of the emerging Euro-polity, on the consolidation of democracy in Southern and Eastern countries, and on the possibility of post-liberal democracy in Western Europe and North America.He has also published books and articles on regional integration in Western Europe and Latin America and on the transition from authoritarian rule in Southern Europe and Latin America.

Rapporteur to the plenary session

Mr Diego Antonino CIMINO, Italy, Youth Representative, Student Officer at International Law Student Association

Diego A. Cimino is a last year master's degree student in Law at the University of Catania (Italy). He is a youth activist involved in youth leadership and participation experiences. He is student officer of the International Law Student Association Society of the Department of International Law of the university and he has been elected student representative into the Evaluation Unit of the University of Catania. He has been Secretary-General of the 2012 Change the World Model United Nations in New York City and he served as Executive Director for 2 years for an international youth association called "Diplomatici".


Mme Maria OCHOA-LLIDO, Directeur par intérim, Direction des Droits de l'Homme et de l'Anti‐discrimination, Conseil de l'Europe


Mr Matthieu CHIARA

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