4 November 2014 (10.30-12.30) - Room 9 – Palais de l’Europe, Interpretation: FR/EN/RU


How useful participatory budgeting is for fostering dialogue and trust between youth and the authorities? Are young people ready to make decisions on their own or do they lack political experience? Are politicians willing to share their agenda setting power?

Learning to Count (Youth Participatory Budgeting), In Loco, France, UK, Portugal

Learning to count is a participatory documentary project focused on youth participatory budgeting. We are following 3 cases in Europe where young people could decide on how public money is being spent in their school or in their city. In Lille (France), pupils could decide which projects are prioritory in order to get funded up to 100 000 euros for each highschool. In Brighton (UK), youth organizations could decide for 25 000 euros. In Trofa (Portugal), young people have a say for the school budget but also for the city. Teenagers from each country met in July and agreed on 10 best practices.


Ms Mathilde PERRIN, France, Participatory Budgeting Participant

Mathilde Perrin is 18 years old. She was involved in the participatory budgeting process in Oignies where she presented a project improving some classrooms in the highschool. With 20 other teenagers, she is one of the teenagers followed within the documentary project “Learning to count”. She got her Baccalauréat in Business from the Lycée Professionnel de Oignies and now starts a BA in English studies.

Mr Gilles PRADEAU, France, Filmmaker and Consultant

Gilles Pradeau explores participatory documentary focusing on democratic innovations and public spendings in Europe. The first chapter of “Learning to count” uses a 360º camera to record teenagers negociating the budget for their highschool. Before making his own films, Gilles provided consultancy and workshops for public engagement, participatory budgeting and worked in Paris for a mobile film festival. He is now promoting webnative documentaries with Popathon, an initiative supported by Mozilla Foundation.



Discussants are invited to make critical comments during the lab on the impact, transferrability, sustainability and risk of the initiative.

Mr Rajendra Kumar MISRA, India, Founder and President of the Nav Bharat Democratic Party

RK Misra, founder and president of the Nav Bharat Democratic Party, INDIA, is a leader recognized as a ‘doer’ with an agenda to improve governance through a transformational change in the political system. A graduate in IT and with a masters from Tokyo University, he is a Fellow of Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He is also a Global Leadership Fellow of Aspen Institute, USA. RK spent early years of his professional career in Tokyo. He founded telecom & software businesses spanning US, Europe & Japan. In 2005, on turning 40, he left the corporate world to engage with public policy & governance through politics.

Mr Rolf WENZEL, Germany, Governor of the Council of Europe Development Bank (tbc)