Détails du traité n°024

Convention européenne d'extradition
Titre Convention européenne d'extradition
Référence STE n°024
Ouverture du traité Paris, 13/12/1957  - Traité ouvert à la signature des Etats membres et à l'adhésion des Etats non membres
Entrée en vigueur 18/04/1960  - 3 Ratifications.

The European Convention on Extradition provides for the extradition between Parties of persons wanted for criminal proceedings or for the carrying out of a sentence. The Convention does not apply to political or military offences and any Party may refuse to extradite its own citizens to a foreign country.

With regard to fiscal offences (taxes, duties, customs) extradition may only be granted if the Parties have decided so in respect of any such offence or category of offences. Extradition may also be refused if the person claimed risks the death penalty under the law of the requesting State.

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