Strengthening the Independence, Professionalism and Accountability of the Justice System in Armenia

Start date: June 2014
Duration: 24 months
Budget: EUR 1,669 211
Donor: Council of Europe and European Union
Partners: Ministry of Justice, Justice Academy, School of Advocates, Judiciary
Contact Person: Ms Narine Gasparyan, Senior Project Officer

The Project aims at strengthening the independence and professionalism of the Armenian justice system and facilitation of institutional and legislative reforms related to the Armenian judiciary in line with European standards.

The Project has three main components:

  1. Improved substantive and procedural law;
  2. Improved system of the accountability of the judiciary and building of public confidence in the system by an improved ethical and disciplinary framework and practice;
  3. Enhanced professionalism of the Judiciary through strengthening the capacities of the School of Advocates and the Justice Academy.

As a result of Project implementation it is anticipated that:

  • The judiciary can base its decisions on a sound legislative framework in certain key legal areas (Component 1);
  • Judicial accountability system and procedures are improved (Component 2);
  • The training capacities of the Justice Academy and the School of Advocates are enhanced (Component 3).
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