Participatory Democracy Index for Cities

Cities interested in the participatory democracy incubator are invited to complete the new participatory democracy index before joining the incubator. On the basis of the index results, the cities receive an analytical report with examples of good practice from democracy innovators all over the...

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Save the date ! The next World Forum for Democracy will take place on 7-9 November 2016. The Forum will be about education for democracy.

It will focus on how education can help bridge the social divide and become a real asset for our diverse democracies. The Forum will analyse the impact of education systems on democracy and identify innovative initiatives and practices which can make education (both formal and non-formal) more...

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Presentation of the Incubator for Participatory Democracy at re:publica

3 May 2016 Berlin, Germany

The Incubator for Participatory Democracy will be presented in a workshop at re:publica in Berlin, Germany, on 3 May, 17.30-18.30. The re:publica is one of the largest conferences about technology and society in the world and it attracts more than 7000 participants. In the workshop, members of...

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Apply now for a lab at the World Forum for Democracy 2016!

4 April 2016 Strasbourg

Interested organisations/institutions worldwide are invited to express their interest in presenting an example/initiative to make education more democracy-centred or to revitalise democracy through education, by answering the questionnaire in the appendix and sending it to

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Children’s Forum

3 March 2016 Strasbourg

1200 children of 45 school classes of CM1-CM2 of the Region Alsace, sponsored by the Association Thémis, worked on a project or an idea of concrete action to favor more tolerance and a peaceful living together. 10 projects have been selected and will be presented on March 3rd of this year to the...

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Incubator for participatory democracy

1st March 2016 Strasbourg

As part of the World Forum for Democracy 2015, the Council of Europe organised a hackathon for the creation of a participatory democracy incubator, assembling experts on democracy innovation and political decision-makers. It gathered 30 experts, researchers, elected representatives from cities,...

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World Forum for Democracy 2015: Preliminary conclusions

The 2015 edition of the World Forum for Democracy took place after the 13 November Paris attacks, highlighting the pertinence of the theme chosen and the urge to provide answers to the three sets of questions raised. A high turnout, discussions in multiple fora and the testing of initiatives in...

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The Council of Europe’s Democracy Innovation Award goes to the Swedish initiative More than One Story – a card game to promote integration and inclusion

20/11/2015 Strasbourg

Today, at the closing session of the World Forum for Democracy, the Council of Europe announced that the winner of its Democracy Innovation Award was the Swedish initiative More Than One Story. More Than One Story is a powerful card game building bridges between people of all ages, backgrounds...

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Tawakkol Karman: Islam is a religion of peace and harmony

19/11/20115 Strasbourg

“Islam, like all religions, is a religion of peace and harmony”, said Tawakkol Karman in her address to the World Forum for Democracy in which she expressed, on behalf of all Muslims and Arab youth, her sadness and anger following the attacks in Paris. The 2011 Nobel Peace Laureate said that...

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Towns and cities must find the right partners to foster intercultural dialogue

''Towns and cities, regions and states” must work together to foster respect and tolerance. It is important to bridge the gaps and overcome the ignorance that divide cultures, and to promote the role of education in acquiring the skills that are necessary for democracy,'' said Dusica Davidovic,...

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