4 November 2014 (10.30-12.30) - Sponsored by the City of Strasbourg


Neighborhood level democracy has great potenrial for the political socialisation and influence of young people. However, youth are not really attracted to neighborhood committees and meetings, and when there, often not trusted with decision-making roles. Can a participatory process be designed as a model for making real space for youth in neighborhood democracy? 

Young Democracy Creators, France, Apollonia and other associations

An artist will work with young people in one of Strasbourg’s poorer suburbs on the preparation of an outdoor art installation illustrating young people’s aspirations about their neighborhood, their future and society in general. The installation will be developed in dialogue between young people and the elected representatives in the neighborhood. The dialogue will help bring youth and the politicians closer, build trust and lay the foundation of a lasting involvement of young people in the life of the neighborhood. This « life lab » will help emerge a new model of youth-inclusive neighborhood democracy. The results will be presented and discussed during the Forum with the participation of the protagonists.


Discussants are invited to make critical comments during the lab on the impact, transferrability, sustainability and risk of the initiative.