"Re-wiring Democracy: connecting institutions and citizens in the digital age" - Strasbourg, 23-29 November 2013

15 NOV 2013 - Social networks, blogs, and online media offer citizens access to public life in an unprecedentedly direct way. Is the internet revolutionising democratic practice? This topical question will be raised this year during the World Forum for Democracy, organised by the Council of Europe with the support of the French government, the Alsace Region and the City of Strasbourg.

Over the past few years, internet has become a stimulating space for democratic innovation. Every day, participatory websites are created by parliaments, governments and local authorities, allowing citizens to contribute directly to decision-making processes, to debate political options in real-time, and thus to influence the decisions made by their representatives. Is this an answer to the so-called ‘crisis of politics' which manifests itself through citizens' disaffection from political parties and representative institutions? (more...)

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