Council of Europe's visual identity & Logo

The logo

The logo is the Council of Europe's own distinctive sign. The organisation adopted this logo on the occasion of its 50th anniversary in May 1999 and revised it in 2013. Its use is subject to authorisation.

High resolution logos

Various versions of the logo of the Organisation are available for download at high resolution, including a vectorial version. 


Visual identity of the Council of Europe - Guide

The usage of the official logo is described in the document downloadable here which is an extract of the visual identity manual of the Organisation.



Use of the Council of Europe logo is subject to authorisation, which will not be granted if such use would be contrary to the Council of Europe's values and principles, if the logo is to be used for commercial purposes or if it is to be used in conjunction with the logo, name or trade mark of a firm. Each case will be considered individually in order to ascertain whether the aforementioned conditions are met. Authorisation does not confer any entitlement to exclusivity.

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