Ever since a desperate man in Tunisia burned himself to death last December, pro-democracy movements have exploded across the Arab world. The revolutionary wave of demonstrations continues to seize our attention, raising headlines and hopes that democracy can replace dictatorship.

After Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland visited Tunisia in February and offered the Council of Europe's practical cooperation, efforts are underway – from the Parliamentary Assembly and the Venice Commission, to the Pompidou Group and the North-South Centre.



The Council of Europe supports women’s rights in Africa and the Middle East

2013-05-30T09:45:00 Women have been at the forefront of the Arab Spring. Many relished the promise of positive change when a series of democratic uprisings erupted in Tunisia and...
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Olfa Belhassine, journalist for the Tunisian daily "La Presse"

In July 2011, Olfa Belhassine, journalist for the Tunisian daily "La Presse", visited Strasbourg to report on the Council of Europe. "In a situation of transition, things are far from simple," she...
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Interview with Tunisian human rights activist Souhayr Belhassen
Interview with Ridha Zguidane, Consul General of Tunisia