Week in brief 15-21 September 2014

2014 Lisbon Forum: free and fair elections are essential to democracy in the southern Mediterranean
15 and 16 September, LisbonSecretary General Thorbjørn Jagland will open the 2014 Lisbon Forum of the Council of Europe's North-South Centre which will focus on free and fair elections as a key condition for successful democracy.
International election observers, legal experts and electoral officials from Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt among other countries in the region will participate in workshops on issues related to financing political parties and funding electoral campaigns, making elections more transparent to the public, and the role civil society can play in observing elections.
As with the 2012 and 2013 editions, the 2014 Lisbon Forum will be held in the framework of “Strengthening democratic reform in the Southern Neighbourhood” (South Programme), funded by the EU and carried out by the Council of Europe.
More information, Programme
Contact : Panos Kakaviatos, tel. +33 3 90 21 50 27 ; Mob. +33 6 98 37 64 04

Conference of Ministers for Sport in Switzerland: integrity in sport and corruption
18 September, Macolin (Switzerland) – The European Ministers responsible for Sport will meet at a conference held by the Council of Europe in partnership with the Swiss Federal Office of Sport. While focusing on the risk of corruption in sports governance and on pan-European sports co-operation, the conference will also mark the kick-off for the Council of Europe’s new Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions.
The programme is available on www.sportministerconference2014.ch
Link to the press release
Contact: Estelle Steiner, tel. +33 3 88 41 33 35, mobile +33 6 08 46 01 57.

Safe from fear, safe from violence: celebrating the entry into force of the Istanbul Convention
18 and 19 September, Rome – Deputy Secretary General Gabriella Battaini Dragoni will open an international conference, together with Laura Boldrini (President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies), Anne Brasseur (President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe), and Federica Mogherini (Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs). The event is co-organised by the Council of Europe, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Chamber of Deputies.
The Conference will highlight the essential role of the Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, known as the Istanbul Convention, in filling a gap in the protection of women from gender-based violence in Europe and beyond.
Particular emphasis will be placed on the added value of this international treaty, the link between achieving gender equality and combating violence against women, as well as recognising violence against women, in all its forms, as a serious human rights violation.
More information - Contact: Giuseppe Zaffuto, tel. +33 3 90 21 56 04, mob. +33 6 86 32 10 24


Publication of the list of ECHR judgments, the implementation of which will be examined by the Committee of Ministers at its meeting from 23 to 25 September. This list is available on the website of the Department for the execution of the judgments of the ECHR.
Contact: Can Fisek, tel. + 33 3 88 41 30 41

15 September, The Hague (the Netherlands) – Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muižnieks will participate in the UNHCR First Global Forum on Statelessness

15 September, Budapest – The Council of Europe’s drug policy experts (“Pompidou Group”) will finalise a research project on drug treatment systems in prisons in 10 different non-EU countries of Europe, including Russia.

15-16 September, Athens – PACE rapporteur Nikolaj Villumsen will make a fact-finding visit in the context of the preparation of his report on “Equality and the crisis”.

15-19 September, Strasbourg – The Council of Europe anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing body MONEYVAL will hold its 45th plenary meeting.

16 September, Strasbourg – The European Court of Human Rights will deliver a Grand Chamber judgment in the case of Hassan v. the United Kingdom, at 10 a.m.
The case concerns the acts of British armed forces in Iraq in 2003, extra-territorial jurisdiction and the application of the European Convention of Human Rights in the context of an international armed conflict.
More informationECHR website, tel. + 33 3 90 21 42 08

16 September, Strasbourg – The European Court of Human Rights will deliver in writing 13 judgments concerning Hungary, Poland, Romania and Turkey.
More informationECHR website, tel. + 33 3 90 21 42 08

16 September – Council of Europe’s anti-racism Commission (ECRI) publishes its reports on Bulgaria, Slovakia and Switzerland.

16 and 17 September, Strasbourg – The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, the Euro-Institute and the European Public Administration Pole (EPAP), will hold a seminar on “Prospects for effective transfrontier co-operation in Europe”. The purpose of the seminar is to establish an action plan and a network of experts.

16 and 17 September, Greece – The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities will organise a monitoring visit in Greece.

17 September, Strasbourg - The European Court of Human Rights will deliver a Grand Chamber judgment in the case of Mocanu and Others v. Romania at a public hearing at 10 a.m.
The case concerns the investigation and the length of the proceedings brought following the violent crackdown on anti-government demonstrations in Bucharest in June 1990.
More information - ECHR website, tel. + 33 3 90 21 42 08

17 September, Strasbourg – 130th anniversary of the Palais universitaire of the University of Strasbourg, with the participation of Deputy Secretary General Gabriella Battaini Dragoni. The first session of the Parliamentary assembly took place in the building in August-September 1949, 65 years ago.
More information (in French)

17-19 September, Bosnia and Herzegovina – A PACE delegation composed of seven members and headed by Tiny Kox, will carry out a pre-electoral mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina to assess the election campaign and political climate prior to the general elections on 12 October.
The delegation will issue a statement on Friday 19 September.

18 September, Strasbourg – The European Court of Human Rights will deliver in writing eight judgments concerning Croatia, France, Greece and Russia.
More informationECHR website, tel. + 33 3 90 21 42 08

18-19 September, Bulgaria – A PACE delegation composed of four members and headed by Doris Fiala, will carry out a pre-election mission to Sofia to assess the election campaign and political climate prior to the early parliamentary elections in Bulgaria on 5 October.
The delegation will give a press conference on Friday 19 September at 3 pm at the Sheraton Hotel (Rila Hall), 5, Sveta Nedelya Square, Sofia.

19 September, Strasbourg – First time visit to the Council of Europe of the Directors of the Europe Direct Information Centres in France.

20 September, Vatican - Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland will have an audience with Pope Francis.

21–28 September, Mollina (Spain) – Training Course for Youth Leaders African Diaspora Living in Europe (in the framework of the 15th University on Youth and Development).


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