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Secretary General

Freedom of expression ends where violence begins

29 January 2015 Strasbourg
Secretary General on Ukraine: no lasting ceasefire without political solution
Parliamentary Assembly Winter Sesssion

Renewed sanctions against Russian delegation

28 January 2015 Strasbourg
Citing Ukraine, PACE renews sanctions against Russian delegation, including suspension of voting rights

Preventing corruption: report on Germany

28 January 2015 Strasbourg
Germany needs to improve tools for preventing corruption, according to Council of Europe anti-corruption group
Parliamentary Assembly Winter Session

FIFA should hold new vote on 2022 World Cup

27 January 2015 Strasbourg
The decision to assign the 2022 World Cup to Qatar was so “radically flawed” by illegal payments that FIFA should hold a new vote under cleaned-up procedures, according to a committee of the...
Parliamentary Assembly Winter session

Conflict in south-east Ukraine

28 January 2015 Strasbourg
Ceasefire must be respected to ease humanitarian crisis
Deputy Secretary General

Deputy Secretary General meets Irish President Higgins

27 January 2015 Strasbourg
Gabriella Battaini Dragoni met today Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland. The exchange of views focused on the recent security threats to European societies and on the actions to fight against...
Committee of Ministers

Rights of young people

27 January 2015 Strasbourg
Young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods must fully enjoy their social rights, says Committee of Ministers
Committee for the Prevention of Torture

Anti-torture Committee publishes reports on Armenia

27 January 2015 Strasbourg
Committee reveals police ill-treatment in Armenia, little progress on situation of life-imprisoned
Parliamentary Assembly winter session

Address by Committee of Ministers Chairman

26 january 2015 Strasbourg
Didier Reynders: “Proper tools to defend our societies against radicalism and terrorism”
Council of Europe

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

27 January 2015 Strasbourg
Leaders must recommit themselves unequivocally to human rights
Secretary General

Secretary General condemns separatist offensive at Mariupol

24 January 2015 Strasbourg
Council of Europe Secretary General Jagland condemned the separatist offensive at Mariupol: "The latest military offensive by separatist forces in south eastern Ukraine is an outrageous breach of...
Committee of Ministers

Committee of Ministers: Action plan for Ukraine

22 January 2015 Strasbourg
Committee of Ministers President, Belgian Foreign Affairs Minister Didier Reynders, welcomes Action Plan for Ukraine 2015-2017
Secretary General

Secretary General meets Ukrainian Foreign Minister

22 January 2015 Davos
Davos: Secretary General Jagland and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Klimkin discuss eastern Ukraine, reforms
Committee of Ministers

Fight against extremism

22 January 2015 Strasbourg
Council of Europe action against radicalisation leading to terrorism
European Committee of Social Rights

Social rights: 252 violations in 41 countries

22 January 2015 Strasbourg
European Committee of Social Rights publishes 2014 Conclusions
Committee for Prevention of Torture

Anti-torture committee: annual report

21 January 2015 Strasbourg
Anti-torture committee warns states against intimidation and reprisals towards individuals who denounce ill-treatment
Parliamentary Assembly

Parliamentary Assembly winter session

20 January 2015 Strasbourg
An urgent debate following the Paris terrorist attacks, and debates on the protection of media freedom in Europe and on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, are among highlights of the winter...
Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities

National minorities in Denmark

20 January 2015 Strasbourg
Rights of German minority well protected, but discrimination against Roma and Muslims still a reality in Denmark, say the Council of Europe experts
Parliamentary Assembly

Ukraine needs help and support of Europe

16 January 2015 Kyiv
“Ukraine needs Europe and Europe needs to support Ukraine,” said President of the Parliamentary Assembly speaking at the end of her visit to Kyiv
Commissioner for Human Rights

Immigration and asylum in Spain

16 January 2015 Madrid
Spain: Legislation and practice on immigration and asylum must adhere to human rights standards