2013 in brief

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1-5 July, Strasbourg -  17th meeting of the Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA)

3-6 July, Kaluga, Russian Federation -  International Dialogue Camp

10 July, Strasbourg -  Grand Chamber hearing in the case Ališić and Others v. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and "the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia", at 9.15 (European Court of Human Rights).

 16 July, Zurich (Switzerland) - PACE ad hoc Sub-Committee on the Reform of International Football meets with FIFA President, Joseph S. Blatter.
PACE Resolution 1875 (2012), Report on good governance and ethics in sport, Addendum to the report

16 July, Strasbourg - European Court of Human Rights: 20 judgments concerning Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Republic of Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Romania, United Kingdom and Turkey.
More information - ECHR website

17-19 July, University of Minho, Braga (Portugal) - A delegation of the Venice Commission participates in the Summer School on "Political and Democratic Transition in the Arab World: Actors, Challenges and Policy Options for the European Union".

18 July, London - PACE rapporteur Jeffrey Donaldson makes a fact-finding visit as part of the preparation of his report on "Good governance of large metropolises".

18 July, Strasbourg - European Court of Human Rights: 10 judgments concerning Croatia, Estonia, Liechtenstein, "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia", Russia, Slovenia and Ukraine.
More information - ECHR website

18 July, Strasbourg - European Court of Human Rights: Grand Chamber judgment in the case of Maktouf and Damjanović v. Bosnia and Herzegovina.
More information - ECHR website

23 July, Strasbourg - European Court of Human Rights: 11 judgments concerning Cyprus, Malta, Republic of Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Russia and Turkey.
ECHR website

25 July, Strasbourg - European Court of Human Rights: six judgments concerning Belgium, France, Russia and Ukraine.
ECHR website

26 July, Trondheim (Norway) - Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland opens the Green Pilgrims Network conference.

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