2014 edition

27 January - A screening of a creative documentary ''KARUSSEL'' was organised in presence of the film's director, Ilona Ziok. This documentary tells the life story of the actor Kurt Gerron (who played in ''The Blue Angel'' opposite Marlene Dietrich) who was interned in the Theresienstadt camp and created a cabaret – Der Karussel – in the camp. The film re-creates this cabaret with songs sung by today's stars such as Ute Lemper, Max Raabe and Ben Becker. It has received many international documentary awards and received coproduction support from Eurimages Fund.

26 January - Women's role in the Resistance
A personal account by a survivor, performance of a play, exhibitions of portraits of women and musical interludes were on the programme during this event, jointly organised by the European Centre which commemorates deported Resistance members and the Council of Europe.

Edition 2013

A conference on La Shoah par balles by Pierre-Philippe Preux, organised by The Centre européen du résistant déporté and the Council of Europe, will take place at on Sunday 27 January, 2 pm, at the Council of Europe's European Youth Centre in Strasbourg.

The conference will cast light on a still little-known aspect of the Holocaust, the murders between 1941 and 1944 of almost one and a half million Jews from Ukraine who were shot by Einsatzgruppen (mobile execution units) of the Waffen SS, the German police and East European collaborators.

The commemorative event will begin with a song performed by pupils from Landau (Germany). Pierre-Philippe Preux's lecture will be followed by a guided tour of two exhibitions: l'Art et la Shoah by Francine MAYRAN, an artist and psychiatrist, and l'Enfant cachée, by Hellen Kaufmann, from the association Anonymes, Justes et persécutés durant la période nazie.
Anyone wishing to attend the lecture should register, and the number of places is limited (please bring an identity document): info@struthof.fr

Edition 2012

"Human rights are for all or for none," Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland said on 25 January, when opening the ceremony in memory of the Holocaust in front of the Palais de l'Europe.

Tarja Halonen (President of Finland), Jean-Claude Mignon (President of the Parliamentary Assembly) and Doron Avital (Delegation of the Knesset to PACE) participated in the memorial service.

Wreaths were laid in front of the commemorative stone.

Edition 2011

A ceremony marking International Day in memory of the victims of the Holocaust took place on 27 January, on the forecourt of the Palais de l'Europe. Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland started the memorial service. Statements of respect were offered by Traian Basescu, President of Romania, Mevlüt Çavusoglu, President of the Parliamentary Assembly and René Gutman, Grand Rabbin du Bas-Rhin.