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"Strasbourg, 18/04/2012 - Today the Secretary General met with HM King Abdullah of Jordan and discussed a number of issues in international relations in the Organisation's southern neigbourhood, and the potential for the Council of Europe to use its instruments to build confidence there.

The Council of Europe is ready to assist Jordan in the reform process put in place by His Majesty and implemented by the Jordanian Government for an inclusive and democratic society. Such assistance would be instrumental for the important political and economic transformations to take shape in 2012. Priority sectors and actions for 2012-2014 are soon to be discussed, based on the Jordanian authorities' own priorities. Co-operation has been proposed in the field of constitutional justice and electoral assistance through the Council of Europe's Venice Commission, support to reform of the judiciary, action regarding freedom of expression and media freedom, youth participation, women's empowerment and on women's rights.

Although the country has no statutory relations with the Council of Europe, Jordan has been participating in the Mediterranean Network of the Pompidou Group since 2010. Jordan is also a member of the Union of Arab Constitutional Courts and Councils, with which the Venice Commission has a co-operation agreement.

Secretary General Jagland will pay a visit to Jordan, Palestine and Israel at the end of May."