These are training courses for trainers. They consist of five phases of work lasting between 12-18 months including two face-to-face meetings (module A and module B); the Trainer training courses are organised by the Secretariat, and supported by a particular signatory state for the organisation of module B.



  1. Evaluation and assessment of transversal attitudes, skills and knowledge

Module A (Strasbourg, France-20/10/2015 – 23/10/2015)

Module B (18-20 or 25-27 May 2016 dates and place to be confirmed)




  1. Strengthening education for democracy: Module A - Strasbourg, France 04/10/2016 - 07/10/2016 (deadline for participation: 01 June 2016)
  2. From the remembrance of the Holocaust to the prevention of radicalisation and crimes against humanity: Module A - Strasbourg, France  01/11/2016 - 04/11/2016 (deadline for participation: 01 June 2016)




Programme is the
Council of Europe's programme for the
professional development
of teachers and
education actors.