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A qualitative study in Norway

TASKs for Democracy: does it work in practice?


6 future teachers set out to assess how the teaching resource of the Pestalozzi Programme TASKs for Democracy, aimed at strengthening education for democracy, works in practice. What effect does it have on the learning outcomes of pupils, and how can it be used as a productive tool in all...

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Manifesto "Education for Change - Change for Education" condensed version now available

The professional image and ethos of teachers. The conference has highlighted the importance of education for preparing our youth for a life as democratic citizens in diverse democratic societies, for their future world of work and for the development of their personality. Manifesto Condensed...

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Final report - workshop in Georgia “Career advancement of teachers through continuous school-based professional development”


Final report of the Pestalozzi workshop "Career advancement of teachers through continuous school-based professional development" held in Georgia from 28 to 30 April 2015 [More].

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The final report is online


The Summer School dealt with the different aspects of the theme “Promoting participation”. It looked at the diverse issues of participation in social, cultural, political and economic life, etc Direct link to the final report here

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