Statement of the Council of Europe Comissioner for Human Rights Nils Muiznieks

Fighting violence against women is not about “gender ideology” or breaking families

8 March 2017 Strasbourg

In a statement published today, the Council of Europe’s Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (GREVIO) expresses concern about misconceptions surrounding the Council of Europe’s Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic...

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Statement on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2017

Making women safe from fear, safe from violence – how the Istanbul Convention is helping to achieve full gender equality

8 March 2017 Strasbourg

GREVIO seizes the occasion of International Women’s Day to recall the importance of the Istanbul Convention as the most comprehensive set of legally binding standards to ensure every woman’s right to a life free from violence. GREVIO thus reiterates that the purposes and aims of the Istanbul...

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Norway Contributes Additional EUR 1.3 Million for the Implementation of the Council of Europe Action Plan for Ukraine

10 November 2016 Kyiv

On 9 November 2016, a press-conference dedicated to the additional contribution of the Kingdom of Norway to the Council of Europe Action Plan for Ukraine for 2015-2017 took place. With this contribution, Ukraine will get more support for the implementation of reforms in the spheres of human...

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Press Release - Presentation of report for Ukraine concerning legislative framework for procedural powers under the Convention on Cybercrime under the CyberCrime@EAP III project organised by the Council of Europe

Improving Public/Private Cooperation on Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence in the Eastern Partnership Region

31 October 2016 Kyiv

Cooperation between criminal justice authorities and private sector entities, including in particular service providers, is essential to protect society against crime. Such cooperation concerns primarily access by police and prosecution services to data held by service providers for criminal...

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Press Release

International Conference in Kyiv Addressed the Situation with Journalists Safety

25 October 2016 Kyiv

In January-September 2016, the Institute of Mass Information has registered one murder, 26 cases of assault, 77 cases of impeding journalists’ professional activities and 7 cases of censorship in Ukraine. In the meantime, the recent “Journalists at risk: part of the job?” study, conducted by the...

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Council of Europe and European Union to present mid-term results of projects for Ukraine on penitentiary reform, freedom of media, fighting corruption and strengthening of human rights standards

20 October 2016 Kyiv

The five country-specific projects carried out in Ukraine under the Programmatic Cooperation Framework in 2015-2017, focus on strengthening human rights standards, penitentiary reform, freedom of media, fighting corruption, and supporting free and fair elections. The total budget of these...

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How to reform public authorities in the sphere of information policy and media as well as legislation on access to public information?

29 September 2016 Kyiv

On 27 September 2016 the presentation was held in Kyiv of the Council of Europe’s expert report on institutional mapping in the sphere of information policy and media in Ukraine and on competencies of the Ukrainian Parliamentary Commissioner on Human Rights and legislation in the sphere of access...

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RTI250: Celebrating the Right to Information’s 250th Anniversary and Further Strengthening National Systems of the EaP Countries

22 September 2016 Kyiv

Press Release On 21-22 September 2016 an International Conference “RTI250: Celebrating the Right to Information’s 250th Anniversary and Further Strengthening National Systems of the EaP Countries” is held in Kyiv. The event is organized by the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights in...

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