We regularly have secondment opportunities for officials employed by our member states. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement - officials can gain experience and contacts in the international environment at the Council of Europe, while we can benefit from the specific skills and expertise they bring.

As well as being published on our website, these opportunities are also issued to the members states' Permanent Delegations to the Council of Europe.

Secondment Opportunities
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Important: Applications must be submitted to the member states' Permanent Delegations, which will forward them to the Council of Europe's Directorate of Human Resources.

Who do seconded officials include?

International, national, regional and local officials, as well as other persons sent by member states in accordance with their national legislation.

What are the requirements?

Seconded officials:

  • must remain in employment or be paid by the member state from which they are seconded throughout the period of secondment, and receive no salary from the Council of Europe;
  • must be nationals of a member state of the Council of Europe and, in the case of partial agreements, nationals of a member state of the Council of Europe or of the partial agreement concerned;
  • may work in any field where their services are deemed necessary, provided that there is no conflict with the interests of the organisation. While on secondment with the Council of Europe, seconded officials may neither receive nor seek instructions in connection with the performance of their duties from any government, authority, organisation or person outside the Council of Europe.
What minimum qualifications are required?
  • Experience
    Seconded officials must have at least three years' experience of administrative, advisory or supervisory duties in a grade equivalent to categories A or B4 to B6 at the Council of Europe. Detailed job descriptions are available with each call for candidates.
  • Languages
    Seconded officials must have thorough knowledge of one of the Council of Europe's official languages (English or French) and, where necessary for the performance of their duties, satisfactory knowledge of the other.
What is the length of secondments?

The period of secondment must be at least four months and not more than two years. Secondment may be prolonged or renewed, but the total duration of one secondment period may not exceed three years, except in cases of derogation.

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