Job Family:  Linguistics



Defining activities:

  • Translates documents from one official language or other European languages into the other official language;
  • effects quality control of other  translations;
  • edits originals, written by non-native speakers, of texts;
  • contributes to terminological databases and to glossaries.

Professional requirements:

  • Extensive knowledge of source and target languages, with regard to terminology, spelling, syntax and style;
  • diploma or extensive professional experience in translation;
  • mother tongue as one of the official languages.



Defining activities:

  • provides simultaneous as well as consecutive interpreting from/into both official languages of the Organisation;
  • conveys the content and spirit of the speaker, uses the language most readily understood by the person(s) being served;
  • performs background research necessary to the accurate understanding of subject matters.

Professional requirements:

  • Advanced knowledge of source and target language, its terminology and including regional or dialectical varieties; understands typical jargon of specific/specialised work fields (legal, finance, media, medical, etc.);
  • confirmed experience interpreting from French into English and English into French for international organisations;
  • diploma in interpretation.

Linguistic assistance

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Proof reader

Defining activities:

  • Prepares linguistically and typographically to a high standard (both on paper and on screen) manuscripts of the Council of Europe's publications, ensuring correct style, spelling, syntax, typography and layout; reads and corrects proofs until they are ready for press;
  • makes a detailed comparison of the English and French versions of texts to check their correspondence;
  • discusses unclear passages with authors, interacts with them as necessary to ensure text accuracy and consistency.

Professional requirements:

  • Excellent command of one of the official languages (mother tongue) in oral and written communication, good knowledge of the other.


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