This section emphasises the importance of inclusion and integration of minorities in intercultural societies. It includes a wide range of activities: welcoming programmes for migrants and refugees; promotion of cultural diversity through festivals, events, sports; enhancement of public spaces such as libraries; workshops and laboratories to exchange experiences, etc.

Good practice examples Good practice examples

Lisbon - the Festival “TODOS” to celebrate interculturality

8-11 September 2016 Lisbon, Portugal

On 8-11 September the city of Lisbon holds the 8th edition of the Festival TODOS (Everyone). Taking place at Colina de Santana and Campo dos Mártires da Pátria neighbourhoods, the Festival promotes the encounter of cultures and intercultural dialogue through contemporary arts. This year, the...

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Erlangen - Lyrical Bridge Building

25-28 August 2016 Erlangen, Germany

How does it feel to arrive in a country without understanding anything? And what can poetry convey even when the listener does not speak the language? These were some of the thoughts that lead the organizers of the annual poetry festival in Erlangen to bring poetry in five different languages...

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Geneva city supports a project of aide to LGBT asylum seekers

Geneva, Switzerland

Since many years LGBT questions have become a major issue of migration internationally. Increasingly people who are victims of persecution due to their sexual orientation and/or their gender identity, look for protection outside their countries, particularly in Europe. Coordination ,...

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Bergen - Study visit on refugee inclusion

9-10 June 2016 Bergen, Norway

On 9-10 June the city of Bergen hosted a study visit to showcase its succesful policy instruments put in place to welcome and include refugees and migrants. Participants were Intercultural cities representatives from around 20 European cities willing to deepen their knowledge on refugee’s inclusion.

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Limassol shapes its future by investing in integration

Limassol, Cyprus

For the third consecutive year the city of Limassol is implementing the “Limassol: One city, the whole world" project, to help the smooth integration of refugees and immigrants to the local communities of Limassol, Ay. Athanasios, Mesa Yitonia and Yermasoyia. The project is co-funded by the...

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Celebrate cultural diversity

Portimão - Intercultural Week

27 May - 4 June 2016 Portimão, Portugal

Portimão will celebrate cultural diversity in a week dedicated to Interculturality, from May 27 to June 4, through a programme aimed at sharing experiences and relationships between various migrant communities and stimulating the dialogue between cultures, raising awareness of all citizens to the...

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Reggio Emilia - Intercultural approach to dealing with welcoming newcomers

Reggio Emilia, Italy

Reggio Emilia has invested in a comprehensive service to try and deal with the local impact of the refugee crisis, based on the national programme SPRAR (Sistema di protezione per richiedenti asilo e rifugiati) is the system to protect refugees and asylum seekers. The city is applying an...

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Synergy for Diversity benefiting Democratic values

16-21 March 2016 Patras, Greece

Local stakeholders of the city of Patras (metropolitan centre of Western Greece) joined forces to celebrate the “European Week Against Racism 2016” from 16th to 21st March 2016. On that occasion, the “Park of Educational Activities (PEA) of the Municipality of Patras”, with the support of the...

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Events and Activities strengthen the sense of belonging

Stavanger - International Cultural Network

Stavanger, Norway

The International Cultural Network (INK) is an organization running in Stavanger whose main goal is to encourage social cohesion and integration while assisting newcomers. INK has been founded in 1982 and it initially counted 5 organisations, even if it has been growing (reaching today almost 80...

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Reggio Emilia - A Welcoming pact is signed by the managing entity (often an NGO), the city and a refugee.

Reggio-Emilia, Italy

This pact is tailored and based on screening interviews done at the moment of arrival to find out what are the assets of the beneficiary (character, habits, competences, knowledge, resilience, etc), what are his/her expectations, needs; but also which answers can come from the territory, which...

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