These activities encourage citizens’ political participation in the decision-making process and in elections. Cities foster citizens’ commitment, inter alia, through the promotion of intercultural mixing in public spaces, offering legal training and stressing the importance of making the city competitive in the global market.

Good practice examples Good practice examples

A project to get young people interested in politics

Santa Maria da Feira – The Jovem Autarca Project

Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal

Jovem Autarca (Young Mayor) is a project addressed to young adults from 13 to 17 years old. This initiative aims to enhance citizenship behaviours, valuing the opinions of young people, their ideas, dreams and their perspectives for the future. Young adults who commit in taking an active part in...

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Key elements to promote Integration

Erlangen – The importance of an Integration Charter

Erlangen, Germany

The City of Erlangen is becoming more and more multicultural and, today, about the 34% of its inhabitants have a migration background. In order to encourage social cohesion, the city has redacted an Integration Charter that illustrates the integration strategy plan. More importantly, this charter...

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Together, unity in diversity

Ballarat – The Harmony Fest

Ballarat, Australia

In 2010, Ballarat promoted a unique festival to encourage its citizens to meet and get to know each other. Since then, every year during the month of March colours, music and flavours invade the city and the residents crowd streets and avenues to celebrate diversity. The Harmony Fest usually...

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A link between the City Council and the Community

Ballarat - Multicultural Ambassadors’ Program

Ballarat, Australia

The City of Ballarat launched its Multicultural Ambassadors’ Program (MAP) in November 2009. This program was developed in order to provide leadership within the migrant community, therefore encouraging minorities to participate in the political life of the City. Multicultural Ambassadors come...

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Botkyrka's Intercultural Story

Botkyrka – ‘Far from Average’

Botkyrka, Sweden

Botkyrka: ‘Far from Average’ - An Intercultural Journey What makes an intercultural strategy work? How can a municipal region build on the concepts of interculturalism and diversity advantage? The experience of Botkyrka provides insight into how one region tackled the challenges and...

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Botkyrka - What does it mean to be an intercultural competent city?

Botkyrka, Sweden

After almost 60 years of migration, many Swedish citizens that have been living in the country for generations are still considered as temporary guests or not fully members of the Swedish society. The understanding of what and who the Swedish society really should include need to change. Six...

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Tri-annual report on the city’s integration processes and diversity policies

Vienna Diversity Monitor

Vienna, Austria

The Vienna Diversity Monitor is a tri-annual report on the city’s integration processes and diversity policies. It includes 8 areas, 60 indicators, 11 benchmarks which reveal the structural and systemic reasons which lead to inequality related to migration status and/or ethnic origin. The monitor...

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Opening Doors: The Logan Police/Ethnic Communities Partnerships Project.

Logan City, Queensland, Australia – Building trust between police and ethnic minority communities

Logan City, Queensland, Australia

MultiLink Community Services is a not-for-profit organisation in Logan City, Queensland, Australia which provides a range of settlement services to people arriving in the city as migrants or refugees. There was a need for the project as Logan City was growing rapidly and overseas migration,...

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Public space as a platform for education, exchange, and creativity

Tilburg - The House of the World: meeting place for new people and ideas

Tilburg, netherlands

From the report provided by the city, we experience that Dutch people often stay at home, in their own garden. In the culture of migrant families public realms as parks and playgrounds are often used. It seems that the public realm in Tilburg is not created for the purpose to meet each other....

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Events and public activities to foster integration

Neuchâtel - NEUCHÀTOI 2013: Cultural Interaction To Overcome Cultural Barriers

Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Following its success in 2006 and 2009, NEUCHÀTOI is taking place again in 2013 to promote diversity in public areas and the positive image of a plural society. From April to November 2013, the Association NeuchàToi and the Working Community for the Integration of Foreign Nationals (CTIE) are...

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