Education plays a crucial role in encouraging integration and tolerance among people from different backgrounds. The following initiatives include language learning support, university’s activities, trainings and other educational approaches to insure a peaceful coexistence in diverse multi-lingual and multi-faith societies.

Good practice examples Good practice examples

Cultural diversity project connects children from Santa Maria da Feira to a Belgium school

Santa Maria da Feira - "Open Window" for the exchange of knowledge and expertise

Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal

The "Open Window" project involves 45 children between 3 and 5 years old– 25 from Santa Maria da Feira and 20 from the Belgian city of Mons – the first steps comprised the share of knowledge and expertise about the traditions and cultures of each community, including songs, festivals and...

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A school twinning between Portugal and France to encourage intercultural relations.

Santa Maria da Feira – The Children Assembly

Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal

The Children Assembly, which this year celebrates 10 years, is an active citizenship body that aims to improve the intercultural relations among the youngest community members in Santa Maria da Feira. Every year, 23 children from primary schools are involved in a twinning exchange with...

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Education for integration and mutual acceptance

Santa Maria da Feira – The school we have & the school we want

Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal

“The school we have & the school we want”, funded by the European Union under Key Action 1 in the School Education sector Erasmus Plus, aims to answer the needs for integration and mutual acceptance that derives from a constantly more heterogeneous youth population. Subsequently, it aims to...

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Erlangen-Nürnberg: University enables access to education for refugees

Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

In 2015, four times as many people fled to Europe from their home countries than the year before – all in all more than one million refugees – and migration continues to rise in 2016. The majority of refugees come from Syria. The scale of this migration presents many challenges for European...

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Vienna - Multilingual pedagody for the diverse city

Vienna, Austria

The European primary school in Vienna has pioneered an intercultural pedagogy based on multiligualism. Eight years ago the school realized that they had pupils with 28 different mother tongues and decided to explore the possibilities this language diversity give. They came up with the idea of...

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Support to young people

Vienna - SpaceLab

Vienna, Austria

SpaceLab offers support to young people, often of migration background, who are “lost in the transition”. The lab is based on open and detached youth work and the goal is to provide skills about learning, communicating, gaining confidence and hope for the future. Based in 4 locations across the...

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Help migrants become acquainted with their new environment of life

Neuchâtel - Integration and citizen awareness Programme

Neuchätel, Switzerland

Integration and citizen awareness programs constitute a specific mechanism for audiences with variable skills in French and different time availability. The objective is to get migrants acquainted with their new environment of life and help them practice the French language in everyday...

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The method and goal of empowerment

Bergen - EMPO Multicultural Resource Centre

Bergen, Norway

Empo-Multicultural Resource Center is a resource center for young adults and families with immigrant background living in Bergen. It is under the Church City Mission and is led by a team of 14 staff and 6 volunteers with a multicultural and interdisciplinary and broad knowledge and experience in...

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Promotion of integration through families’ engagement

Reggio Emilia - SAFE: School Approaches for Family Empowerment

Reggio Emilia, Italy

A European project headed by the municipality of the City of Reggio Emilia, with the involvement of the Intercultural Centre Mondinsieme, which encourages social integration of foreign families through initiatives that involve local schools with diverse students. The project, called SAFE, is...

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Fostering interculturality and social cohesion through the study of different cultural backgrounds

Noisy-le-Sec - An approach to inter-cultural education that works: the example of Théodore Monod vocational school in Noisy-le-Sec, Seine Saint-Denis, France

Noisy-le-Sec, France

[End of year ceremony at Theodore Monod school, Tuesday, June 19, 2012] The Théodore Monod vocational school of Noisy-le-Sec, located in the northeastern district of Paris (Seine Saint-Denis), is taking a different approach to addressing the interculturalism amongst its 850 pupils. While teaching...

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