Cybercrime@EAP III and iPROCEEDS: Investigating cybercrime and its financial gain – working together effectively

24/04/2017 Tbilisi

A novel initiative comprising 12 countries from the Eastern Partnership Region, South-eastern Europe and Turkey was launched today in Tbilisi, Georgia through a Cybercrime Coordination and Partnership Exercise to explore and establish closer links between professional communities of cybercrime...

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Secretary General 2017 Report: Populism - How strong are Europe’s checks and balances?

20/04/2017 Strasbourg

As nationalist and xenophobic parties make gains in a growing number of countries, challenging elites and exploiting public anxieties over migration, Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland has invited Council of Europe member states to take a serious look in the mirror and take the lead in building...

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CPT Annual Report: European states urged to hold persons in remand detention only as a measure of last resort and in adequate conditions

20/04/2017 Strasbourg

In many European countries the persistent problem of overcrowding in prisons is due to a large extent to the high proportion of remand prisons among the total prison population. In its annual report, published today, the CPT stresses the need for member states to ensure the use, to the extent...

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New study on intimidation of journalists and self-censorship in Europe

20/04/2017 Strasbourg

Different forms of violence against journalists have increased significantly over the last decade: from physical attacks, to intimidation and harassment, targeted surveillance and cyberbullying, we now see a range of tactics deployed to silence critical voices and free speech. Together with...

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Council of Europe anti-corruption body GRECO expresses concern about the use of emergency procedures to amend legislation in Romania

18/04/2017 Strasbourg

In a report published today, the Council of Europe anti-corruption body (GRECO) expresses concern about the use of emergency procedures to amend legislation in Romania instead of using proper parliamentary process. GRECO has followed closely recent developments in Romania related to the...

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Session on Bioethics at MGIMO University

12/04/2017 Moscow

On 12 April, a session on the protection of human rights in the biomedical field (bioethics) took place during the short-term courses "Implementation of the international and constitutional guarantees of human rights in Russian law and law enforcement practice", which were jointly organised by...

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