Training of Trainers of the Council of Europe HELP Programme

14/02/2017 Moscow, Russia

The European Programme on Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals (the HELP Programme of the Council of Europe) announces a call for applications for participation in the Training of Trainers (ToT), which will be held from 29 March to 1 April 2017 in Moscow region (exact venue to be...

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SAVE THE DATE: HELP Network Conference 2017

13/02/2017 Strasbourg, France

We are pleased to announce the dates for this year’s HELP Network Conference which will take place on Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 June 2017. The conference will be held at the Council of Europe’s headquarters in Strasbourg in the Palais de l’Europe. The title for this year’s conference will be “HELP...

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Launch of the HELP courses on Transitional Justice and Reasoning of Criminal Judgments

31/01-01/02/2017 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the framework of the project Reinforcing the capacity of the judiciary to apply European human rights standards at the national level in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the HELP courses on Transitional Justice and Reasoning of Criminal Judgments were launched in cooperation with the Judicial and...

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Fight against racism and homophobia in Italy: 25th course under EU-CoE ‘HELP in the 28’ Programme

06/02/2017 Rome, Italy

The launching in Rome of the course against racism, xenophobia, homophobia and transphobia for lawyers marked the end of the twenty-five courses launched in 15 EU countries under the EU–CoE “HELP in the 28” Programme. Participants were greeted by the President of the Italian Bar Council...

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Increasing Romanian legal professionals’ capacities on data protection: 'HELP in the 28' course

01/02/2017 Bucharest, Romania

The National Institute of Magistracy (NIM) in Bucharest hosted a unique double launching of the course on data protection and privacy rights, gathering around 70 judges, prosecutors and lawyers. The event was opened by Nelu Ciobanu, NIM’s deputy director, who praised the EU-CoE ‘HELP in the 28’...

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First HELP Training-of-Trainers (ToT) in Georgia

25-26/01/2017 Tbilisi, Georgia

The first HELP Training-of-trainers (ToT) took place in Tbilisi on 25-26 January 2017, aiming at setting up a pool of HELP certified national trainers in Georgia. It was hosted by the High School of justice and organised in cooperation with the Georgian Bar Association and the Public Defender...

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Double launching of EU-CoE 'HELP in the 28' courses for French lawyers

17-19/01/2017 Paris, France

The first launching was opened by the General Secretary of the Human Rights Institute of the Paris Bar Council, Christophe Pettiti. Laurence Lwoff, head the Council of Europe Bioethics Unit presented the ‘Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine’ focused on the protection of human rights and...

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1st multi country EU-CoE ‘HELP course on data protection’ for Czech and Slovakian lawyers

13/01/2017 Brno, Czech Republic

Such unique cross-border ‘HELP in the 28’ course was launched in Brno in collaboration with both the Slovakian and Czech Bar, and attended by more than thirty lawyers from both countries. The event - hosted in the Brno premises of the Public Defender’s Office on 13.1.17- was opened by the Deputy...

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Increasing Austrian lawyers capacities on Data Protection and Privacy Rights

11/01/2017 Vienna, Austria

The first ‘HELP in the 28’ course launched jointly with the Austrian Bar Association (ÖRAK) focused on the topic of data protection and privacy rights. This ‘HELP in the 28’ course will help lawyers to identify violations and apply remedies in specific areas of data protection and privacy rights....

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Closure of the HELP course MEDICRIME in the Spanish Judicial School

20/12/2016 Barcelona, Spain

The 1st ever HELP course on the falsification of medical products and similar crimes concluded successfully less than 3 months after its launching in co-operation with the Spanish Judicial School. This pilot training course is key for the promotion and implementation of the MEDICRIME Convention,...

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Safeguarding labour rights in Portugal: 'HELP in the 28' course

04/01/17 Lisbon

The EU/CoE ‘HELP in the 28’ course "Labour Rights as Human Rights" was launched in Lisbon on 4 January, in cooperation with the Portuguese Centre for Judicial Studies for a combined audience of 15 judges and 15 prosecutors. The School Deputy Director and the HELP contact point opened the course,...

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Supporting the Albanian School of Magistrates in the field of training on human rights: HELP Training-of-Trainers session

19-20/12/2016 Tirana, Albania

A HELP Training-of-Trainers (ToT) session was been organised in Tirana on 19 and 20 December in cooperation with the School of Magistrates (SoM). The ToT session’s principal aim was to set up a pool of national tutors who are familiar with the HELP methodology and able to moderate a HELP course...

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Strengthening France’s standards on data protection and privacy: HELP in the 28 course

19/12/2016 Paris, France

The Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature (ENM) hosted the launching of the EU-CoE ‘HELP in the 28’ course on “Data Protection and Privacy Rights” in Paris on 16 December 2017. The course was launched for a mixed group of magistrates and lawyers, selected by the ENM, the Centre de formation de...

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HELP/UNHCR Course on the ECHR and Asylum launched for the judiciary in Italy

08/12/2016 Rome, Italy

Mr. Gaetano Silvestri, President of the Scuola della Magistratura, speaking at the launching of the HELP/UNHCR Course on the ECHR and Asylum emphasised how this training tool may reinforce “a com-mon culture of the judicial protection of asylum”. On 6 December 2016, the HELP Programme and UNHCR,...

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'HELP in the 28' course on data protection and privacy rights launched for Latvian lawyers

07/12/2016 Latvia

The course was opened by Jānis Rozenbergs, board member of the Latvian Bar Association and Yelena Kvjatkovska, HELP info point, gathering 30 participating lawyers (18 women and 12 men). The EU/CoE 'HELP in the 28' Programme was presented including its methodology as well as the content of the...

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High-level Seminar on International Case-Law in Bioethics: Insight and Foresight

headline 05/12/2016 Strasbourg

In view of the increase of high-profile cases relating to Human Rights in the biomedical field, the Seminar aims at analysing the qualitative and quantitative evolution of the relevant case-law of the European Court of Human Rights and impaсt at national level. By analysing relevant national...

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HELP Anti-Discrimination Course session in Albania

02/12/2016 Tirana, Albania

A final training session of the HELP Anti-discrimination course took place in Tirana on 2 December 2016. The training course involved Albanian legal professionals of the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination, the People’s Advocate, the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth and several...

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HELP Training of Trainers and Course Launches in Pristina

21-23/11/2016 Pristina

Several HELP events were organised between 21 and 23 November in Pristina in the framework of the Support to the implementation of European Human Rights Standards and the reform of the Ombudsman Institution project. On 21 November, a kick-off meeting for the launch of the courses on...

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HELP in Russia: a best practice to be shared

21/11/2016 Moscow, Russia

The Council of Europe hosted a round table with 16 of the human rights trainers trained under “HELP in Russia” to discuss results so far and perspectives for the future. In the five regions where the trainers came from (Moscow, Irkutsk, Stavropol, Ulyanovsk and Voronezh), HELP has gone much...

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Reinforcing the EU dimension of HELP

17-18/11/2016 Strasbourg, France

For the second year, HELP contact points from national training institutions and bar associations from the EU met for 1.5 day in Strasbourg to (i) keep up to date with (legal) developments in priority areas for the EU, (ii) exchange best practices, and (iii) reinforce current and future...

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