Your organisation has never applied to the eyf

If you are reading this page it means you are not registered with the EYF and have never applied for an EYF grant. Welcome! Do take the time to have a look at our website and make sure you understand why the EYF and the Council of Europe support youth NGOs, the way EYF works and the expectations we have.

To make it easy for you and us, just take the test below and see if your NGO can apply for EYF support (before trying to register you will be asked these same questions):

  • My organisation is non-profit-making and non-governmental.
  • My organisation has its own statutes.
  • My organisation runs activities for young people (15-30 years old).
  • It is young people who take the decisions on our programme of activities.
  • Members of my organisation are aged between 15 and 30 years old.
  • Our work is in line with the values and priorities of the Council of Europe.


If you have answered YES to all questions, do go ahead and send us your registration. If you answered NO to 1 or more questions, please be aware that you may not be eligible!! To help you register your organisation in the online system, have a look at the PDF document (available HERE). ACCESS online system in menu LOGIN or via

NGOs need to provide their GPS location. Wonder why? Well…this information will feed the map you see on the homepage! The map will allow you to see which other organisations are registered with us, find possible partners in your home country or in other Coe member states. Click HERE and learn how to find your GPS location!


At EYF we are always happy to help you, if in need. We also count on your understanding that we cannot always respond to all your questions and as soon as you may expect. We suggest that you READ the documents given here and READ the information available on the website - particularly the homepage and the FAQs. This should ensure that all our time (yours and ours) and energy is spent on the most important issues.