Our approach  is based on our values and promises.

Meaningful. We support European youth activities which are collaborative, educating, engaging and inspiring!

We focus on content and methodology. We want to know the thought process behind your application and report. What do you want to do? Why is it needed? We want to know how your project really went, how you did it and why did you do it that way. We want you to think outside the box.

We believe in a 2-way communication process. We created our new online system to communicate with you before, during and after your activity.

We believe in sharing. We believe in visibility. We believe in win-win situations. We expect you to promote the work of the Council of Europe and the European Youth Foundation by using our materials and visual identity elements. We want to share your projects, videos, photos and other resources. We want to give you the visibility you deserve.

Just like the spices that make a great dish - quality content and resources make all the difference!

For detailed information regarding the type of activities we support, who can apply, how to apply and report go to the Grants section.

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