our mission and values, visual identity and documents

Our mission in our words: Supporting young people in getting closer to their objectives and their vision of a better future.


We aim
  • To offer guidance – We are here for you during the application and reporting process. We believe in 2-way communication.
  • To provide extended evaluation of content and methodology – We take the time to have an in-depth look at your work. We respect your work.
  • To transfer knowledge – We believe in sharing.

Our values

We believe in…

…diversity – We are many things but boring. We like variety. We like creativity. We like great, unique, different ideas.
…flexibility – We are open-minded. Explain to us the reasons for choosing a certain target audience, topic etc.
…respect – We believe in mutual respect. We value young people and respect your work. We expect this from you in return.
…approachability –  We are  friendly and caring. We will try to advise you when needed.
…teamwork - We believe that success is achieved by working together. We are devoted, responsible, supportive of each other and fun.

visual identity

Our choice in colours represents our identity and values.

Fresh Green: Green was selected because it is a colour that suggests adaptability, new and fresh. The EYF is constantly changing to be able to respond to the needs of young people. The different grants, new regulations and website, were all designed to better serve youth NGOs. Green is also the colour of growth, vitality, reliability and flexibility; the anticipation of thing to come. It is a colour that represents belonging and social gathering, symbolic for the family of organisations and networks supported by the Foundation.

Bright Blue: The colour blue is synonymous of communication and the electronic age. The EYF encourages youth NGOs to take advantage of the new tools available and get in touch with staff if needed. Blue is also the colour of innovation and teaching, of reliability and care; all these are characteristics of the EYF.

The 2 shapes that can be seen of the lower part of our website pages as well as on the top right hand corner form part of our visual identity. These were initially created for the 40th anniversary of the Foundation and will continue to be used as a reminder of the success and difference that the Foundation has made throughout its existence.

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