In order to obtain the EYF's support, it is essential that your project falls within the Council of Europe's values and work, and the priorities of the Youth Sector for 2016-2017 (this concerns international activities and work plans - for pilot activities taking place in 2015, see below).



Priorities for pilot activities:

A pilot activity is an “intervention”, i.e. an activity addressing a contextual societal challenge affecting young people at local level. It should be based on innovation or on replication of best practices for example.

A pilot activity should have clear links to and an impact on the local context and correspond to focused themes of the Council of Europe youth programme (priorities for 2014-15).

In 2015, the EYF will pay particular attention to pilot activities dealing with the following themes:

1)       Strengthening civil society, with a special focus on Ukraine;

2)       Fighting extremism and hate speech online;

3)       Participation and integration of migrants and young refugees in society.

Special attention will be given to pilot activities integrating a gender perspective (bearing in mind the Council of Europe strategy for Gender Equality 2014-2017).

Tip: We understand that the needs and concerns of young people are diverse, reflecting your organisation, countries and circumstances. While your project proposals should fall under the CoE and Youth Sector umbrella, we encourage result-oriented, quality driven work, according to your expertise and reflecting your realities. Less Key Words More Authenticity!

If in doubt, we don't finance the following: tourist activities, statutory meetings, school or university programmes or exchanges, vocational training, commercial operations, construction, purchase or equipment of buildings.