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Compasito - manual on human rights education for children

Compass - manual for human rights education with young people

Living Library

Manual on Hate Speech

Domino - part of CoE Youth Campaign 'All different - all equal', aimed to mobilise the public in favour of a tolerant society based on the equal dignity of all its members

Bookmarks - Combating hate speech online through human rights education is the manual designed to support the No Hate Speech Movement.





Education Pack - ideas, resources, methods and activities for informal intercultural education with young people and adults




Gender Matters - manual on addressing gender based violence affecting young people




Have Your Say - manual on the revised European Charter on the participation of young people in local and regional life




Companion - campaign guide about education and learning for change in diversity, human rights and participation





Cookbook- in 2006 and 2007, the EYF supported 365 projects under the "All Different, All Equal" slogan. This publication contains some examples of the projects supported.


training kits


  • T-kit 1: Organisational Management
  • T-kit 2: Methodology in Language Learning
  • T-Kit 3: Project Management
  • T-Kit 4: Intercultural Learning
  • T-kit 5: International Voluntary Services
  • T-kit 6: Training Essentials
  • T-kit 7: Under Construction... Citizenship, Youth and Europe
  • T-kit 8: Social Inclusion
  • T-kit 9: Funding and Financial Management
  • T-kit 10: Educational Evaluation in Youth Work
  • T-kit 11: Mosaic - The Training Kit for Euro-Mediterranean Youth Work
  • T-kit 12: Youth Transforming Conflict

Recommendation CM/Rec(2015)3 of the Committee of Ministers to member States on the access of young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to social rights.



Beneficiaries of EYF grants must:

  • use the Council of Europe logo on any publication, material, website mentioning the project download the logo
  • mention the support of the EYF