Created in 1987, the European and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement (EUR-OPA) is a platform for co-operation between European and Southern Mediterranean countries in the field of major natural and technological disasters. Its field of action covers the knowledge of hazards, risk prevention, risk management, post-crisis analysis and rehabilitation.

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Towards more disaster resilient societies

The EUR-OPA contribution

The EUR-OPA Agreement has long contributed to and continues to support the global efforts on Disaster Risk Reduction, in particular the four priority areas of the United Nations' Post-2015 Framework to be adopted at the Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, 14-18 March 2015, Sendai, Japan: risk assessment, risk governance, resilience to and preparedness for disasters.

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EUR-OPA Action Plan 2011-2015

The EUR-OPA Action Plan 2011-2015 was adopted at the 12th Ministerial Session of the Agreement, held in Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation) on 28 September 2010. Its objective is to provide a political and technical instrument containing priorities and guidelines for the action of the EUR-OPA Agreement for a period of five years improving its effectiveness in a context of moderate financial resources and increased vulnerability of European and Mediterranean societies.

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Calendar 2015

  • 66th Committee of Permanent Correspondents of EUR-OPA
    • 12 June 2015, Paris, France
  • 1st Meeting of the Working Group on migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in the context of major risks prevention and management
    • 11 June 2015, Paris, France
  • Workshop on Presentation of the Toolkit on Disability and disaster preparedness
    • 21 May 2015, Brussels, Belgium


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