Details of Treaty No.014

European Convention on Social and Medical Assistance
Title European Convention on Social and Medical Assistance
Reference CETS No.014
Opening of the treaty Paris, 11/12/1953  - Treaty open for signature by the member States and for accession by non-member States
Entry into Force 01/07/1954  - 2 Ratifications.

Under this Convention, Parties undertake to ensure that the nationals of other Parties, who are lawfully present in their territory and who are without sufficient resources, are entitled to the same social and medical assistance as their own nationals.

Related Texts

  • Annex I – Legislative measures regarding assistance referred to in Article 1 of the Convention.
  • Annex II – Reservations formulated by the Contracting Parties.
  • Annex III – List of documents recognised as affording proof of residence, referred to in article 11 of the Convention.
  • Annex IV – Interpretation of the terms "nationals" and "territory".
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